Ryan Golenberg is a founding partner at Office of III. His interest lie at the intersection of architecture, the body, and media, specifically focusing on architectures's role in shaping our sense of place within current social media culture. In his work, Ryan has explored how design and fabrication of architectural surfaces can be enhanced by digital media and communications technologies, understanding architecture as one part of a constellation of global interactions. Ryan received a Masters of Architecture II from Harvard University and a Bachelors of Architecture from the California College of the Arts, where he has also taught architectural design courses.

Prior to founding Office of III, Ryan has worked professionally as lead designer and project architect at the firms IwamotoScott Architecture and Jensen Architects in San Francisco. He has  coordinated the design and fabrication of several installations and interiors at IwamotoScott including One Kearny Lobby, an award-winning interior that was conceived of and funded as public art. At Jensen, he was a lead designer on the acclaimed Minnesota Street Project in San Francisco, an interior and exterior warehouse renovation housing fifteen galleries, a cafe, and central space/auditorium.